Why Should You Choose Paintless Dent Removal?

When you’ve been unlucky enough to sustain some accidental damage to your vehicle in Ellesmere Port, wether from a stray shopping trolley or car door, don’t panic you have options. First check if the paints ok! sometimes it may appear damaged with rub marks known as paint transfer, if these come off and everything looks ok you need a PDR (paintless dent removal) technician.14C7250C-C7E6-4973-8C5F-A533B3384B1E

Hello that’s us at Dent Finish. We don’t paint your car hiding damage with body filler and paint, we remove it. It’s like hitting the rewind button to before the damage occured, because when we’re finished with your car you’ll never know it happened. Sometimes we here “i’ve had a cheaper quote for Paint” well we understand it’s an unexpected cost, but always educate customers that your car will only have its original paint once, the best paint! most durable paint! We could’nt say how many times we work on vehicles here in Ellesmere Port only to notice panels with paint defects, overspray and colour differences, and remember theres usually a big lump of filler underneath too.

Don’t misunderstand us, sometimes paint is the only option, when it’s been scratched or scraped and there are a lot of good bodyshops in Ellesmere Port. But always look at Paintless Dent Removal First, you’ll be happy you did.

Dent Removal Satisfaction Guaranteed

Paintless Dent Removal RuncornAt DentFinish, our paintless dent removal service is first class. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but with a wealth of satisfied customers we guarantee you won’t grumble when you see our results. See what one satisfied customer has to say…

My car had been damaged by another car door at a supermarket. Two garages said it needed a respray at great cost. I looked up DentFinish and called Ian to see if he could PDR Runcorndo anything without a respray. Twenty four hours later my car looked like new. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. If in doubt, give Ian a ring, if the paint isn’t broken, he can work wonders. Thanks

Our service is fast, efficient and mobile, for your convenience.  By the time we’ve finished you won’t believe you had any damage to your car in the first place. For a free, no obligation quote contact DentFinish on 07737 731119.

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Paintless Dent Removal: Understand your Options

Paintless Dent Removal LiverpoolWhen your car gets bumped or bashed, there are several options available to repair dents and dings. At DentFinish, we want to ensure you understand what each option means for you:

Body Shops

Many people’s first port of call when their car gets knocked is to contact their local body shop. There’s nothing wrong with this logic, however, this option is usually more costly and time consuming that the alternatives. Body shops often require you to leave your car with them meaning you will need to find alternative modes of transport, adding an additional cost on top of your repair bill.


Cheapest by far is the DIY option. There are many dent repair kits available on the market, equipping you with the tools to complete the work yourself. Be aware, repairing dents is a skilled art, choosing the do it yourself method adds the risk of causing more damage to the paintwork, which in turn could see you shelling out more than if you had call in the experts before you started.

Paintless Dent Removal Technicians

DentFinish provide a mobile paintless dent removal service, which means we arrange to come to you at your convenience. Our PDR service is fast and efficient, and while we don’t claim to be the cheapest option, we are the most cost effective, often beating the cost of your local garage and safeguarding against additional costs should the DIY method go wrong (and it does – but that’s a whole other blog).

Contact DentFinish on 07737 731119 to get your car looking as good as new, you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Tips to Avoid Damage to your Vehicle

Avoid Denting your CarIt is a fact of life that on occasions decisions we make lead to our vehicles becoming damaged. From choosing to park your car on the road rather than in a driveway to parking next to a car owner that clearly takes no pride in their vehicle. We thought we would offer the following tips that will help you consider risks to your motor.

1. Parking in your Garage

Ironically car owners assume that parking their vehicle in their garage is the safest place to park a car. However, garages are often full of clutter, haphazardly placed posing greater risk than if your car were parked across the street. Keeping your garage neat and tidy, removing objects that could fall and hit your car will ensure your vehicle remains blemish free.

2. Parking in a Car Park

When parking your car consider how much room you will have when you attempt to exit the vehicle. However careful you are not to bash the door of the car next to yours does not mean that passengers or drivers will offer your car the same courtesy. It’s often worth considering the type of car you are parking next to, if it’s a beaten up old banger perhaps look to park next to a newer model, clean and shiny, offering the hope that the owner takes pride in caring for their car.

3. Parking in Less Desirable Areas

When leaving your car overnight consider the area in which you are parking your car, vandalism often occurs after dark, when perpetrators stand less chance of being spotted.

It’s impossible to protect your car from external factors out of your control, but hopefully considering our tips, will ensure the likelihood of damage to your car when parking is significantly reduced.

DentFinish are experts in paintless dent removal, should you car be involved in an accident contact us on 07737 731119 for a free, no obligation quote. We offer a mobile PDR service, guaranteeing convenience at affordable prices.

Consider PDR Before you Sell your Car

PDR LiverpoolIf you are considering upgrading your motor and want greater return on your investment when you sell your old vehicle, with the dents and dings its collected during your time together, PDR could be the answer you are looking for. For a modest cost, we could have your motor looking almost as good as new, sparking greater interest and increasing your asking price, leaving you with more money in your pocket to splash out on your new car.

Fixing dents and dings your car has undergone over the years can ensure your car looks more like new, giving you the upper hand over that beat up version of the same car for sale across the road.

PDR is a cost effective, time efficient method, which will see your car restored to its former glory without the need for painting or filling. At DentFinish, we repair cars with minor damage such as door dings, hail damage, bashed bumpers, trolley dents etc. As long as the paintwork remains unblemished PDR is the repair method you need.

DentFinish offer a convenient mobile service, heading to a location specified by you, be it at your place of work or home. For more information about our efficient Paintless Dent Removal service call us on 07737 731119 or complete our contact form providing images to allow us to provide a more accurate quote estimate.

Proud Members of NPDRA

PDR ChesterAt DentFinish, we are proud to be members of the NPDRA, the National Paintless Dent Removal Association. Perhaps you are wondering what that means and why it matters?

NPDRA is a UK organisation developed by highly skilled PDR technicians to protect consumers. All industries have their undesirables lacking qualifications, looking to make some quick cash. However, NPDRA aims to educate and rid the PDR industry of these cowboys and ensure the qualified paintless dent removal experts are firmly in the spotlight to avoid disrepute within the industry.

The organisation aims to advise and protect customers, bringing awareness of the value of Paintless Dent Removal as a service.

DentFinish fully support the actions of NPDRA; we have frequently been faced with disgruntled customers coming to us from other technicians, finding us after having had a bad experience, requiring further repair to their vehicle and additional cost. This often happens when customers choose the lowest quote over the company with the best reputation, in this industry though, you get what you pay for.

See our testimonials to take a look at the reviews of our satisfied customers in the Chester area. If you are satisfied we are the company for your dent removal job contact us for a quote on 07737 731119.

Cruise with Pride this Summer

DentFinish ChesterThe sun is shining, what better time for cruising in your car, pumping out some summer tunes. For the motor proud among us, there’s nothing better than heading out in our motors to enjoy the summer sunshine. Except for unsightly dents that go unseen when skies are grey, shine bright for all to see under the glow of the summer sun.

The Answer:

PDR! That’s Paintless Dent Removal.

Paintless dent removal is the quickest, easiest and most economical solution for fixing dents where the paintwork of your motor has gone undamaged. This method is cost effective and time efficient allowing you more time to spend out and about enjoying the summer.

DentFinish specialise in PDR, providing a quick solution at your ease and convenience. Our mobile service allows you to name the time and place for your repairs to take place, with most repairs taking no longer than an hour. Utilising PDR provides a quality finish that does not involve using paint or filler, ensuring your original paintwork remains intact.

With the sun set to stay, contact us on 07737 731119 today for a free, no obligation quote to ensure you are cruising into summer with your car looking as good as new.

Paintless Dent Removal: Know the Facts

PDR FactsOur jargon free guide below helps you establish whether paintless dent removal can provide the fix for your vehicle!

  • Paintless Dent Removal is also known as PDR
  • Commonly, PDR is utilised to repair hail damage, door dents and minor creases. The shallower the dent the greater the likelihood of paintless dent removal being suitable.
  • PDR is a technique for repairing body damage to your motor, removing minor dents faster and cheaper than conventional body shops
  • It is less expensive to repair your car using PDR than taking your car to a conventional body shop because there are less steps involved than traditional repair processes
  • The PDR process is most successful when paint hasn’t been broken or cracked, the dent is away from the edge of the panel and the panel has not previously been damaged
  • There’s no need for painting, filling or sanding with the PDR process, making the turnaround time quicker
  • Using the PDR method means less tools are required and less time is taken to repair damage to your vehicle
  • PDR is not an invasive process, removed of the need to disassemble/reassemble
  • PDR is an environmentally friendly process
  • Technicians are generally mobile, meaning that we come to you at a place convenient to you
  • There’s no need to hire a courtesy car as vehicles are typically returned to customers on the same day

For all your PDR needs call DentFinish on 07737 731119, qualified Paintless Dent Removal technicians providing a mobile service at your convenience.

PDR Avoids Denting your No Claims Bonus

PDR WrexhamPaintless dent removal (PDR) is a cost effective process of removing cosmetic dents from the panels of your vehicle without needing to respray or fill the damage to your motor.

We want to make you aware of how PDR can save you money.

For cosmetic damage to your car such as door dings or bumper bashes, hail damage or trolley dents call DentFinish, not your insurance company. If you call your insurer you are going to pay through the nose, shelling out for your insurance excess won’t be all you pay out. When it comes time to renew your insurance policy your premium is going to increase without a doubt.

We employ the latest paintless dent removal techniques to ensure your car is restored to its former glory, often at a fifth of the cost of claiming on your insurance (dependent on your policy of course).

A claim of this kind will undoubtedly affect your no claims bonus, often, we find, through no fault of your own. Simply wanting to maintain seamless body work on your motor shouldn’t mean you’re finances and no claims bonus are penalised.

What’s more is our service is also likely to beat any quote you receive from a car body shop. And, we provide a mobile service, so we can come to you at your convenience.

Remember us if you find yourself requiring our PDR services. For a free, no obligation paintless dent removal quote contact us today on 07737 731119 or complete our contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Keep in mind that including images in your request helps us to fully assess the damage to your car, ensuring we put together a more accurate quote.

DentFinish – Paintless Dent Removal Specialists

Welcome to the DentFinish Blog!

dent removal chesterWe, at DentFinish, decided it was about time we got sociable. So, hello and welcome, this is our new blog, a forum for us to share the latest Paintless Dent Removal news, updates about us and what we do, advice and recommendations.

Introducing DentFinish – Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Specialists

We are DentFinish! Professional, qualified experts in the field of PDR!

For those of you who don’t know us, we are PDR specialists, working across Chester, Cheshire, Wrexham, North Wales, The Wirral and Liverpool. We provide a convenient paintless dent removal service; it’s mobile, meaning we come to you at your home or work place.

For those of you who don’t know much about PDR (Paintless Dent Removal), it’s the process of removing cosmetic damage to your motor vehicle at a fraction of the price of traditional body shops. Our top quality service is cost effective, which means there’s no reason to involve your insurance company, as often we cost less than it would if you shelled out the excess your insurance company would require (and the inevitable premium hike when it comes to renew your policy).

We hope that if you find yourself needing our services that you’ll remember our paintless dent removal services in Chester and surrounding areas and also recommend us to your friends, family and colleagues. Our professional, friendly dent technicians are fully qualified PDR experts. Just take a look at our reviews to see what our customers have said about us upon completion of work to remove dents to their vehicles.

For a PDR estimate complete the form on our contact us page, it helps us to make a thorough assessment if you are able to attach images of the damage from every angle. Alternatively, call us on 07737 731119 or request a call back for a chat and paintless dent removal quote. You can also drop us an email at info@dentfinish.co.uk.

Connect with DentFinish on Facebook. DentFinish provide Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) in Chester, Cheshire, Wrexham, North Wales, The Wirral and Liverpool.