Headlight Restoration

Cloudy HeadlightAs a driver there are many things that can compromise the safety of your passengers, other drivers and yourself. The upkeep of your headlights is vital to the safety of your motor vehicle. It’s a fact that as car headlights get older they can become cloudy, emit less light and create more glare. If you find you have reduced visibility at night then you are putting yourself and other drivers at risk and you will most definitely see your car fail its MOT.

At DentFinish, we offer a unique 6-step process to optimise the performance of headlights. Our affordable headlight restoration service is mobile, we come to your home or place of work and we restore your headlights in no longer than an hour, ensuring a nearly new appearance for your car headlights.Headlight Restoration

Are you headlights clear? Have you checked lately? If your headlights are looking yellow or cloudy and are ruining the appearance of your car then DentFinish can help. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.