Why Should You Choose Paintless Dent Removal?

When you’ve been unlucky enough to sustain some accidental damage to your vehicle in Ellesmere Port, whether from a stray shopping trolley or car door, don’t panic you have options. First check if the paints ok! sometimes it may appear damaged with rub marks known as paint transfer, if these come off and everything looks ok you need a PDR (paintless dent removal) technician.14C7250C-C7E6-4973-8C5F-A533B3384B1E

Hello that’s us at Dent Finish. We don’t paint your car hiding damage with body filler and paint, we remove it. It’s like hitting the rewind button to before the damage occured, because when we’re finished with your car you’ll never know it happened. Sometimes we here “i’ve had a cheaper quote for Paint” well we understand it’s an unexpected cost, but always educate customers that your car will only have it’s original paint once, the best paint! most durable paint! We could’nt say how many times we work on vehicles here in Ellesmere Port only to notice panels with paint defects, overspray and colour differences, and remember theres usually a big lump of filler underneath too.

Don’t misunderstand us, sometimes paint is the only option, when it’s been scratched or scraped and there are a lot of good bodyshops in Ellesmere Port. But always look at paintless dent removal First, you’ll be happy you did.

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