Should PDR cost more or less than a body shop?

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So the inevitable has happened, you return from your shopping trip to find a door ding in your vehicle. Not so many years ago this would of meant a visit to the local paint shop, for a side respray. But even today not many people know about PDR – paintless dent removal in Chester. Paintless dent removal/ repair is a method used to remove those dents without any painting taking place, why make the job bigger than it needs to be! Here at Dent Finish we can do just that for the people of Chester and at a reasonable cost too. Sometimes though we must admit, people think the cost is a little high. So we would like the chance to explain.

When you take your vehicle to a body shop in Chester, they will asses the dent and then work out a cost based on filling the car dent and getting a perfectly flat finish, masking up the entire vehicle, priming the dent repair area, flatting down once again, applying a number of layers of paint and blending out and finally clear coat blending into adjacent panels. It sounds like a lot of work for your door ding right? Well it is and can take up to a couple of weeks to complete, so you’ll probably need a hire car also.

So whats your second option. Call Dent Finish paintless dent repair Chester and speak with an experienced dent repair technician. Arrange a day suitable for you to drop your vehicle off and have that car dent removed in only a couple of hours. We will only need to work on the originally dented area and completely remove that ding to perfection. This will retain your original factory paint, which we can’t stress enough is the best paint your car will ever have. This will also keep your vehicles re-sale value. So please if you ever require a paintless dent repair quote in the Chester area and think ” i could get it painted for that” just remember as skilled car dent repair guys what we do for you. We remove the dent and don’t hide it. We don’t make the dent repair area any bigger. We retain that all important factory paint finish. We don’t leave you without a car for more than the day. And most of all when we’ve finished nobody will even know the car was dented. We like to say “our work goes unnoticed” Worth it? we think so.

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