PDR Avoids Denting your No Claims Bonus

Paintless dent removal (PDR) is a cost effective process of removing cosmetic dents from the panels of your vehicle without needing to respray or fill the damage to your motor.

We want to make you aware of how PDR can save you money.

For cosmetic damage to your car such as door dings or bumper bashes, hail damage or trolley dents call DentFinish, not your insurance company. If you call your insurer you are going to pay through the nose, shelling out for your insurance excess won’t be all you pay out. When it comes time to renew your insurance policy your premium is going to increase without a doubt.

We employ the latest paintless dent removal techniques to ensure your car is restored to its former glory, often at a fifth of the cost of claiming on your insurance (dependent on your policy of course).

A claim of this kind will undoubtedly affect your no claims bonus, often, we find, through no fault of your own. Simply wanting to maintain seamless body work on your motor shouldn’t mean you’re finances and no claims bonus are penalised.

What’s more is our service is also likely to beat any quote you receive from a car body shop. And, we provide a mobile service, so we can come to you at your convenience.

Remember us if you find yourself requiring our PDR services. For a free, no obligation paintless dent removal quote contact us today on 07737 731119 or complete our contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Keep in mind that including images in your request helps us to fully assess the damage to your car, ensuring we put together a more accurate quote.

DentFinish – Paintless Dent Removal Specialists

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